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How We’re Different

Advocating for Your Sound Financial Future and a Fulfilling Life

Why Choose Veritas?

We Operate with a Responsibility to Serve You to Our Utmost Ability By Remaining...


Veritas does not receive commissions. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, not to earn a kickback.


Our independence means we’re not beholden to recommend certain solutions over others.


We maintain a legal standard to provide recommendations that are in your best interest.

Focused On You

We take the time to understand your situation and unique goals to provide strategies entirely tailored to you.

Helping You Live Out Your Goals By Upholding Our Core Values


Building life-long trust with our clients starts with unwavering integrity. Our clients want and expect us to tell the absolute truth about their current financial position, and they seek out our objectivity as fee-only planners. “Veritas” means truth, and that is the standard we aim for everyday.


We strive to achieve excellence by applying uncommon attention to detail and by staying on top of the latest developments in our ever-changing world. Further, we believe no single advisor can know everything, so we judiciously leverage the collective wisdom of fee-only advisors within communities such as the Garrett and XY Planning Networks for the benefit of our clients.


Whether it’s meeting at your home or remembering a special day, we are always looking for ways to exceed your service expectations. Getting to know you on a personal level is the foundation of our process. We want to truly understand your goals and what is important to you so we can deliver service tailored to your unique needs. 

Experience Genuine Partnership

If you’re seeking out a partner to assist with optimizing your personal finances, reach out and we’ll chat about how we can work together.

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