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What We Offer

A Suite of Services Tailored to Your Individual Needs

The Roles We Fill For You


Through a holistic approach, we consider all aspects of your financial life and will coordinate with your advisors, including your CPA or estate attorney.


We bring critical insight and an educational approach to your questions and financial planning, given our experience and knowledge as experienced professionals.


With detailed understanding of your unique needs, our goal is to provide clear options, to educate, and to guide you through life’s changes as your partner.

Creating Solutions for All Areas of Your Wealth

Cash Flow Management

We can help you create long-term financial health by managing how you spend and save, whether you have questions about budgeting, saving or cash flow.

• Should I be saving more?

• How much house can I afford?

• How can I balance saving for retirement and saving for my children’s education?

• What strategies have helped others successfully manage cash flow and build wealth?


How are my investments working for me?

• Am I taking more risk than I need to with my investments?

• What should my investments be earning for the amount of risk I’m taking?

• Should I consider investing in hedge funds?

• We put our experience to work for you by advising you on current investments or implementing new investment plans on your behalf.

Debt Management

We can guide you in creating a plan of action to reduce debt, from mortgage and school loans to credit card debt.

• Is there a realistic way for me to get out of debt?

• What debts should I pay off first?

• Should I pay off my mortgage early?

• What are the best debt reduction strategies for my unique situation?

Retirement Planning

We want your financial health during your golden years to be the result of a dedicated effort to plan for retirement, so let us fine tune a plan for you and help you stay on track.

• When can I retire?

• Will I be able to maintain my lifestyle during retirement?

• What do I want my retirement to look like?

• What’s the impact of a new job on my retirement goals?

Estate Planning

We can work with your estate planning attorney to create a positive plan to pass your assets on to your heirs.

• Which estate planning strategies may be appropriate for me?

• How can I reduce federal estate tax on my estate when I die?

• Do I have the right documents in place if I should become incapacitated?

• Does my family know where to look for all of my important documents?

Risk Management

We assess potential risks to your financial plan and recommend how you might best protect yourself so a catastrophic event does not derail your financial plan.

• Do I need more insurance to protect my family and property?

• Do I have enough life insurance to protect my family?

• Should I have umbrella insurance?

• Does it make sense for me to have earthquake insurance?

• Do I need long-term care insurance?

Portfolio Management

We’ll help you keep your investments on track, whether you need periodic advice or want us to take care of implementing your investment plan.

• What are my choices if I want ongoing advice about my investments?

• What are the investment benefits of working with a fee-only advisor?

• Do I need an investment policy statement?

• Where can I go for reliable investment advice?

Cash Flow Management


Debt Management

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Risk Management

Portfolio Management

Whether you need a project-based solution or you’d like to engage with us on an ongoing basis, Veritas will build a strategy entirely customized to you.

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